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July 2015
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Jayel [userpic]

Friends Only

I finally got around to making my journal friends only. Just comment to be added. I really don't mind who is reading, I just want to know who's around.



Ummm...I have no response to the licking. :)

Don't mind Erin, she's on painkillers. Painkillers are of the good, but they do bring out the lesbianess.

Is that what happened at Moonlight Rising? What it the drugs?

Can I get in on the licking???

I don't see why not. With licking it seems like the more the merrier.

Hey Jess! This is Krystan...

I don't know about licking, but I'd like to read your journals!

Yeah...just ignore all the licking. Lol.

Found you on ONTD and I seriously do not have enough True Blood friends. Add me? : ]

Friended. (Is that a word?) My world is pretty bland, but I do have a love for True Blood.